Mobiloo is a new product to the market, offering a safe and clean changing and toilet facility to meet the needs of all disabled people (and their Carers or Personal Assistants), within a mobile van.

Why do we need Mobiloo?

Most disabled people want to live life no differently from anyone else. They want to be able to go shopping, enjoy the countryside, go out to eat, work, and enjoy life, but they live in a world designed primarily for people without physical impairments.

For many disabled people adequate toilet facilities are an important factor when planning a day out. If they cannot walk or stand, they may still be unable to use even the standard specialist accessible toilets that are sometimes provided. They may need support from one or two carers or personal assistants to use the toilet or to have their incontinence pad changed. Standard specialist accessible toilets rarely provide changing tables or hoists.

The absence of appropriate facilities can impact on whole families. Social activities and days out have to be planned down to the smallest detail to fit around a stop at suitable changing facilities or to get back home after only a few hours. The most intrepid may have ventured out to festivals or camping trips – but then often have to find a discreet area in a field or a dirty toilet floor instead of the dignified facilities we should all be entitled to.

Mobiloo recognises this gap in provision for disabled people. Its unique, mobile facility offers the right of access to the more rural locations, festivals, activities and events across the UK.

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