Hire the Mobiloo

The Mobiloo is available for hire across Gloucestershire and into the surrounding area. It is also available further afield from time to time, though we charge more for hires at greater distance.

You can hire it for events, activities and private trips. Single day hires are possible on a self-drive basis or with a driver provided by us. Bookings of more than two days (one night) may only be possible where the hirer provides the driver.

Public events

Are you the organiser of a public event or attraction?  You can hire the Mobiloo and increase attendance at your event by making it accessible to those who would otherwise not be able to attend.  We will provide a driver so that you don’t have to collect the Mobiloo or worry about looking after it at your event.

Schools and residential homes

Self-drive hire (25 or over with a clean standard licence) will keep your costs down, but we can provide a driver at a more commercial rate if you prefer.

Families and charities

You can self-drive at attractive rates (25 or over with a clean standard licence). If you need us to find a driver for you,  we will try to find a volunteer so that costs are still kept low. We cannot guarantee this, but we will do our best to do so in order to keep your costs down.

Interested in hiring the Mobiloo?  

Or maybe you’re interested in establishing a Mobiloo of your own?

Whatever you want to discuss, call us 0300 030 1255 or email: info@mobiloo.org.uk