Hire Mobiloo

Mobiloo vehicles are available to hire nationally.

You can hire us for public events, organised activities, or private functions.

Mobiloo is a service.  When you book Mobiloo you also get a smiling, welcoming attendant/driver.  S/he will bring the Mobiloo to your event, set it up, supervise its use, keep it clean and be there to provide a hassle free experience for users and hirers.

Mobiloo is run as a social enterprise. The cost of hiring covers the operation of the vehicle. We do not seek to generate a profit. Please get in touch with us for a quote. 

Please call us for a quote outside of mainland UK.

Our mission is to make events accessible to all – please get in contact with us as you may be eligible for local or national funding to support making your event more accessible.

Interested in hiring Mobiloo?  

Whatever you want to discuss, call us on 0300 030 1255 or email: info@mobiloo.org.uk

A Vehicle for Change