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Mobiloo is a unique non-profit making project. Running costs may well exceed hire income. We also need to build up a depreciation fund so that we can replace Mobiloos when they reach the end of their lives. But at the same time it is crucial we keep charges as low as possible. Accordingly we have a fund-raising group seeking support from grants and trusts.


Please consider making a donation or raising money for Mobiloo. Find out more about how you can make a donation.


Would your company like to find out about sponsorship opportunities for Mobiloo? Mobiloo is run as a social enterprise. We don’t set out to make a profit, and this allows us to offer our services at a lower cost, reaching a bigger audience. Our activity also generates a great deal of positive social capital and interest. These factors make Mobiloo the perfect sponsorship opportunity. Mobiloo currently enjoys prominent visibility at high profile events which matter to people. It is not too late to show your support for improving disabled access and generate goodwill for your brand at the same time. We acknowledge sponsorship both on the website and on Mobiloo itself.

Do you want to find out more about getting involved with the Mobiloo?  

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