01 Oct

First public try-outs for Mobiloo!

Well, it’s here in Gloucestershire at last, and we’re really pleased to have started taking the Mobiloo out to various events around the county.

‘It’s a Godsend’ and ‘Bloody marvellous’ are two of the first responses from disabled people seeing it at first hand.

The Mobiloo has been to Paws in the Park in Cheltenham; the Allsorts Family Fun Day in Stroud, and Tetbury Car Show. This Sunday it’ll be at Speech House near Coleford for the Food Festival between 10am and 4pm. Do get along and use it or see it if you can!

We are testing things out at these current events, trying to make sure we have got everything sorted before beginning formal hires. Shortly we will be finalising booking procedures and hire charges, ready for an official launch in November. Meanwhile do get in touch with Jane on 01453 298337 or mobilooglos@gmail.com if you want to know more.